Zikki Munyao

Zikki Munyao is CancerLinQ’s Associate Director and Active Practice Manager. In his role, Zikki helps ensure every partner and practice we work with has a singular point of contact; making it easy for them to ask questions, give suggestions, or state a concern. In other words, Zikki makes sure we deliver best-in-class customer service to everyone that works with us.

A double graduate from the University of Virginia with a master's degree in Management of Information Technology, Zikki joined GE Healthcare after becoming interested in healthcare-related data analytics and technology project implementation. Soon after, he decided to further expand his experience by joining the CancerLinQ team as an implementation manager. Over the next five years, he took on a variety of roles to keep pushing himself; from implementation team lead to practice engagement to account management.

All of Zikki’s experience with CancerLinQ—learning how CancerLinQ internally operates and meeting face-to-face with customers, among others—has helped Zikki become a CancerLinQ subject matter expert and a bridge between our customers and internal team. But most importantly, it broadened his perspective and appreciation for people fighting cancer. It’s why he takes great pride in his current role, helping ensure CancerLinQ is providing an unmatched experience for healthcare specialists in their efforts to improve patient outcomes.

In your position, how do you support the CancerLinQ mission?

I support our mission by empowering all of our users to discover value in the CancerLinQ platform, then helping them identify ways in which CancerLinQ can contribute to better patient outcomes, quality management, and operational efficiency.

In support of that mission, where do you think your team can have the biggest impact?

Building new features to help oncologists at the point of care and quality specialists at participating practices has the biggest opportunity for impact, especially in increasing the quality of care for cancer patients. I’m looking forward to more in-person, face-to-face engagement with our partner practices to see how they’re using our application. Then, I can share useful feedback with our internal teams to help improve our current offering, enhance the platform, and fulfill feature requests.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement at CancerLinQ so far?

My biggest achievement is receiving positive feedback from CancerLinQ platform users and being able to resolve their issues by being resourceful and experienced in our product. This is made possible by excellent teamwork and a willingness to troubleshoot and resolve issues within a timely manner to maintain positive customer experiences on all my active accounts.

Going forward, what are your short- and long-term goals at CancerLinQ?

My short-term goal is to ensure all practices actively using CancerLinQ are well-trained and supported while also increasing CancerLinQ utilization and customer engagement. In the long-term and as our platform features increase, I look forward to engaging with more practice team members who are using CancerLinQ at the point of care, with those offering their patients clinical trials, and with those who review and submit Quality Measures. Plus, I want to broaden my role within CancerLinQ while still focusing on providing excellent customer service and connecting with like-minded individuals to support our mission.

In your eyes, what’s the future of CancerLinQ look like?

By finding ways to globally scale and transform data into valuable knowledge to address cancer-related questions, treatment, and research, we have the potential to make a significant impact around the entire planet. It’s why, in the coming years, I would like to see CancerLinQ become a trusted oncology data leader, providing insights, trends, and reports for all our users. Alongside our partner practices and researchers interested in de-identified datasets, we’ll need to keep pace with changes in the market to build tools that better leverage the utility of the application.

Outside of work, we know helping those in need is a big part of your life. Could you elaborate?

As a resident in Charlottesville, Virginia, I’m involved in the local community and formed a nonprofit to help locals network and learn more about philanthropy while raising money to benefit other local nonprofits. Plus, I travel to Kenya to help lift kids out of poverty through the power of literacy. The work we do there provides digital literacy to children in public primary schools who don’t have access to curriculum-approved content for everyday learning. I enjoy helping enable future generations through mentoring, listening, and learning.

We appreciate that you took time out of your schedule to talk with us, Zikki!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me, I appreciate it!