What is CancerLinQ?

CancerLinQ, a subsidiary of ASCO, is a mission-driven, non-profit health technology company focused on improving quality of care, improving health outcomes for all patients with cancer, and advancing evidence-based research

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For Oncologists, Cancer Centers, and Community Practices


CancerLinQ’s technology and real-world data insights are designed to improve quality of care, increase productivity,  and optimize clinical workflows.

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For Clinical Researchers


CancerLinQ Discovery enables the generation of real-world insights that reflect the true diversity of patients with cancer.

For Patients

For Patients


Through its Patient Advisory Committee, CancerLinQ incorporates input from patients into the CancerLinQ platform design, products, and data governance.

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For Payers


By showing clinicians opportunities for improvement, CancerLinQ supports the delivery of high-quality cancer care and reduction of undesirable variations in care patterns.

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Available: Monday–Friday, 8:30am–5:00pm EDT
2318 Mill Road, Suite 600 | Alexandria, VA 22314
E: info@cancerlinq.org
P: 888-282-2552, 703-299-0158
F: 703-299-0255

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