Generate Insights with CancerLinQ Discovery®

Through CancerLinQ Discovery, we provide data and analytics to our subscribers, researchers from academia, government, health care providers, medical societies and other nonprofit organizations that can generate practical knowledge to shape the future of cancer care. 

Harness Real-World Data For Quality Improvement

CancerLinQ Discovery includes curated sets of aggregated, de-identified data on a variety of cancer types across our diverse network that can be studied to uncover unseen patterns in patient characteristics and outcomes, with the goal of revealing opportunities to improve care. 

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Compare the effectiveness and value of alternative treatment options
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Study the use of cancer treatments in populations typically excluded from clinical trials to generate new knowledge to improve patient care.
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Deliver insights to inform and continuously revise practice guidelines and quality measures
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Patients who enroll
in clinical trials
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Patients CancerLinQ can
learn from
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Americans diagnosed with cancer each year
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Data Access Toolkit


For more information about requesting data from CancerLinQ Discovery®, please download our CancerLinQ Discovery Data Access Toolkit. The toolkit includes the following:

  • Data Request Form & Instructions
  • Data Dictionary & FAQs
  • CancerLinQ Discovery Policies
  • Sample Data Use Agreement 
With CancerLinQ Discovery, we are able to expand the information network to anyone in the cancer community.
Dr. Robert Miller, Medical Director, CancerLinQ

A Community That Learns Together

CancerLinQ Discovery is building a community that learns together and shares insights to improve patient care and outcomes. In 2016, Founding Enterprise Partner AstraZeneca became the first industry strategic partner to join in the mission of CancerLinQ Discovery. Since then, CancerLinQ has established collaborations with government agencies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, medical specialty societies, and other health technology companies. Interested in joining their collaborative community of learning? Email