Optimize Your CancerLinQ Experience

By Adam Blair, Manager Oncology Data Quality

As a practice leveraging CancerLinQ products, you’re able to use the SmartLinQ QCP Pathway to seamlessly and automatically track, monitor, and measure quality scores including QOPI. SmartLinQ allows you to identify opportunities to make data capture corrections prior to submission to improve measure performance going forward. But if you’re overwhelmed or having difficulty understanding your data, CancerLinQ Professional Services can work with you to identify gaps in data capture and better understand data quality issues.

Performed by our expert Oncology Data Quality Managers, CancerLinQ offers post-activation services to assist CancerLinQ subscriber practices with overall data quality improvement, measure performance improvement, program pathway improvement, and data completeness. As CancerLinQ data pulls from over five million patient records and 10+ different EMRs, it’s easy to forget that each record in that data pool represents a real patient—and everyone has their own story. It’s vital that the data you’re using is accurate, properly structured, and best represents the patient journey. That’s why we offer this service to help dig into your patient’s data alongside you to help you get a deeper understanding of their journey.

Reducing the burden of manual data abstraction and providing insights for data completeness, CancerLinQ Professional Services free up valuable resources and budget for clinical activities. When we work together, we can help you take full advantage of our quality measurement and reporting tools. You’ll be able to look across patient records longitudinally, perhaps uncovering unseen patterns in patient journeys to revealing new opportunities to improve your quality measurement—and, ultimately, patient outcomes.

Want to learn more about CancerLinQ Professional Services? Please reach out to your account manager or contact CancerLinQ at info@cancerlinq.org for more information.