SmartLinQ QCP Pathway

Use SmartLinQ to Qualify for ASCO's QOPI Certification Program

All oncology practices in the CancerLinQ network can use the SmartLinQ™ QOPI Certification Program (QCP) Pathway for new Certification, re-Certification, or to maintain existing QOPI Certification. The SmartLinQ QCP pathway  provides automated tools to track quality measures and submit Overall Quality Scores for QOPI certification.

Additionally, beginning 2022 there will be no cost to use the SmartLinQ QCP Pathway.

About the Program

The QOPI Certification Program provides outpatient hematology-oncology practices with three-year certification that recognizes their commitment to safe administration of chemotherapy and high-quality cancer care. 

CancerLinQ provides automated quality and clinical insight tools for oncology practices across the United States. Practices can automatically track, monitor, and submit their quality score from the CancerLinQ SmartLinQ platform in lieu of manual QOPI abstraction to complete the Step 1 prerequisite for QOPI Certification.

If your practice is looking to save time and improve quality data reporting, the CancerLinQ Practice Engagement team would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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