Unlocking data. Discovering trends. Improving care.

Over one hundred oncology practices entrust the CancerLinQ® network with their patients’ treatment information. CancerLinQ empowers oncologists by enabling them to track the quality of care they deliver while uncovering insights that can improve outcomes. 

CancerLinQ Insights just launched a new feature, Clinical Data Dashboards, which gives oncologists the opportunity to view population health data and trends, better understand key statistics about patients at their practice, and dive deep into details for further examination and analysis. 

Innovative and Powerful

By creating real-time, cancer-specific cohorts of patients to analyze, the Clinical Data Dashboards can be used to unlock insights about your patient population. This tool has the capacity to drill deep into these populations to identify unseen patterns and facilitate data-driven decisions that can improve patient care. 

Breast Cancer Dashboard

With the new Breast Cancer Dashboard, oncologists can access disease-specific data that include medications, stage, diagnosis, and key breast cancer subtypes so that they can query for specific cohorts. This is the first in a series of tumor-specific dashboards that CancerLinQ is planning to release to users in the coming months. 

Learn more about Clinical Data Dashboards within CancerLinQ Insights by contacting your account manager or emailing info@cancerlinq.org. For the full one-sheet on CancerLinQ Insights please click here.