About Us

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What We Do

CancerLinQ’s products and services reflect a deep understanding of the needs of oncologists, cancer centers, and researchers. We are bilingual by design: fluent in both the language of oncology and technology.
As a trusted partner to over 100 cancer centers and community oncology practices, CancerLinQ is uniquely positioned to advance cancer care and research.


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CancerLinQ collects comprehensive longitudinal real-world cancer care data from millions of patients across the US to improve quality of care and reflect the experience and diversity of all patients with cancer in clinical research.


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Using its proprietary technology, CancerLinQ standardizes, harmonizes, and transforms data from electronic health records and other sources to produce a complete view of each patient’s unique cancer journey.


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With its unique combination of data science and clinical expertise, CancerLinQ generates real-world insights to advance cancer care and research.

Why We Do It

CancerLinQ envisions a new paradigm where all people with cancer have equitable access to quality care and where knowledge conquers cancer. CancerLinQ aims to help improve cancer care delivery by empowering oncology care teams to learn from every patient at the point of routine care, and to advance clinical research in a way that reflects the diversity of oncology patients.

CancerLinQ Community

CancerLinQ has built a community of learning across different platforms, disciplines, and skillsets, to enable improvements in care that can reach patients everywhere. CancerLinQ collaborates with medical and patient organizations, government agencies, health care companies, and others to improve the data, technology, and insights we make available to our participating practices. To benefit every patient, we need every oncology professional to join the CancerLinQ community of learning. Contact us at info@cancerlinq.org to learn more.

CancerLinQ Cultural Values

About Our Values:

CancerLinQ’s company values were refreshed in 2022. The values were selected through an employee-driven initiative where all staff were able to contribute their ideas and then vote to select the most important values for CancerLinQ as a company.  


Accountability, People, Excellence, Respect, Curiosity, Diversity, Innovation, Evidence, Trust 

Cultural Values