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Optimizing Oncology Clinical Trials and Prospective Registries

CancerLinQ is developing a comprehensive solution to improve access to clinical trials for all patients with cancer, as well as increase recruitment and success rates for research studies and prospective registries. Using an integrated approach powered by one of the largest oncology practice networks in the world, TriaLinQ will facilitate clinical research for patients in CancerLinQ practices and provide sponsors access to a more diverse and representative patient population for observational and interventional trials and registries.

powered by automation

Powered by Automation


TriaLinQ is powered by the near real-time connection to the electronic health record (EHR) and secondary source systems of over 100 practices in the CancerLinQ network, providing the capability to automatically identify patients, use technology to enable patient recruitment, and pre-populate the electronic case report form (eCRF) with the real-world data collected as a part of routine clinical care.

increasing access

Increasing Access


TriaLinQ is designed to support oncology prospective registries and clinical trials conducted in diverse patient populations, including those historically underrepresented in clinical investigations, across CancerLinQ’s growing network of community oncology practices and cancer centers.

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Near Real-time Patient Identification and Streamlined Recruitment
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Reduced Data Entry via Automated EHR Data Collection into the eCRF
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Study Design Optimization
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Trial Site Identification and Feasibility Analysis
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Portfolio Optimization
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Data Analytics and RWD for Synthetic Control Arms

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