Brooke Smither, CancerLinQ’s Account Manager supporting CancerLinQ Discovery product for Academics, is more than meets the eye. As Account Manager, she is responsible for managing sales leads, client onboarding, data delivery, and client support throughout the relationship with CancerLinQ. That is more than enough to keep her busy, but this year, she also took on the role of Project Manager for CancerLinQ Discovery Operations Team - proving she is not afraid of a challenge and is willing to learn new roles and skills, but there is more!

Brooke began working toward a career in training and education (which is still a passion for her), but her life was changed following an experience in a hospital emergency room. She was inspired to become a nurse and was on her way to nursing school in under a year. She worked as an RN and loved her work but sought after new experiences within the healthcare field.

Brooke Smither, CLQ EmployeeBrooke has been with us at CancerLinQ now since 2021, and she plays a vital role (well, multiple vital roles) in the health of our CancerLinQ Discovery product.

Tell us about your experience at CancerLinQ thus far.

I would call it baptism by fire. I love to jump in and figure out new challenges, and that is exactly what I did. I was able to rebuild how we do things within the client onboarding process, which allowed me to enhance and improve processes while providing a fresh perspective on where we could do better. I continue to execute this same optimization and enhancement work today, which is the most rewarding part of my job – finding opportunities for improvement and capitalizing on them.

What has your biggest achievement(s) been at CancerLinQ? 

CancerLinQ Discovery 3.0, direct data delivery, is my proudest accomplishment. I leaned into the product and the project manager role to build out a direct data delivery pilot product. The interdepartmental collaboration was critical, providing me with an opportunity to learn and build valuable relationships throughout CancerLinQ, and within ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology). I also obtained a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification during this time, of which I am immensely proud.

What, in your opinion, is CancerLinQ’s biggest opportunity for impact? How do you support that impact in your role?

I believe the biggest opportunity for impact for CancerLinQ is placing critical data at the fingertips of physicians and clinicians when determining the correct intervention while building a successful treatment plan for a patient, with a patient. Providing the best, near real-time data will change the trajectory of oncology care and impact quality care measures in the long term.

Tell us about the Brooke outside of work. What do you love to do?

I have two amazing children and a rock star husband who keeps me on my toes – life is never boring and is filled with giggles and insanity. We love taking in the Florida sun at the beach, and fishing in our backyard.