The Updated SmartLinQ™ Application Offers Customizable Solutions from CancerLinQ® and Other Innovators

CancerLinQ was launched in 2014 to help oncologists and care teams optimize how they treat patients. Now, informed by valuable input from our participating practices, we continue to honor that commitment to support our network in their journey to improve the quality of care with the release of our updated SmartLinQ application.

We all love (or sometimes love to hate) our smartphones for the experience we receive in having access to millions of apps we can download to serve our every whim. Whether it be entertainment, productivity, or quality of life, there is quite literally “an app for that.” CancerLinQ wants to offer our participating oncology practices a similar experience of choosing the apps that best fit their needs . Our recently launched SmartLinQ app store experience provides our CancerLinQ practices access to a variety of tools, all intended to address the increasing complexities of treating patients with cancer.

SmartLinQ solution

Having spent years listening to the needs of our practices, one thing we know for sure: the complexities of providing quality care to patients continue to increase, year by year. In our continued commitment to our purpose, we want to accommodate more and more of those complexities in every evolution of our products and services. With the new SmartLinQ, we offer our practices the type of apps they have come to expect from CancerLinQ and a growing set of curated and customized solutions from our collaborators. These tools combined are designed to address some of the pain points of treating patients with cancer and operating an oncology practice.

CancerLinQ believes collaborating with innovators who are already providing powerful solutions for oncology care providers and practices is an effective strategy for quickly bringing useful solutions to our practices. SmartLinQ can be a “one-stop shop” for oncology practices, which will allow CancerLinQ to continue to focus on what we do best: working closely with the practices in our network to understand their needs and deliver best-in-class solutions to improve quality and facilitate clinical decision-making.

When they log into SmartLinQ, CancerLinQ practices will have access to fresh dashboards, reports, and tools that allow the practice team to measure and monitor quality of care automatically and proactively. The application also provides a pathway for submitting quality measurement scores to ASCO’s QOPI Certification Program (QCP). Through the QCP Pathway, quality managers can electronically submit scores to QCP for initial certification, re-certification, and maintenance rounds, potentially saving many hours of staff time spent manually abstracting data. The CancerLinQ Insights application in SmartLinQ has also been

SmartLinQ solution

refreshed, which will allow our practices to use both their own data and aggregated, de-identified clinical and practice data from across the CancerLinQ network to assist in clinical decision-making and practice business insights.

Additionally, a collaboration with the non-profit patient-centered research initiative Count Me In gives CancerLinQ practices a path for their patients to contribute to the advancement of cancer research by sharing their unique, de-identified medical information and tissue specimens with researchers from the Broad Institute.

In the coming months, we aim to add even more collaborators’ apps to SmartLinQ, truly bringing the “one-stop shop” of solutions to the fingertips of CancerLinQ practices’ oncologists, care teams, and administrators. We are now working to identify high-quality, innovative partners creating solutions in areas of high need, including prior authorization, analytics and business intelligence, and molecular/genomics diagnostics.

If you are part of an oncology practice that is considering joining the CancerLinQ network, SmartLinQ gives you a growing number of reasons why it may be a good fit for you. To learn more and see how it works, please visit or request a live demo of SmartLinQ. 

To our current CancerLinQ practices, thank you for giving us the feedback to help us to continue to build the right solutions for you and other practices! Log into SmartLinQ today to see the updates and tools that will only make your job easier in providing the best quality care for your patients.


Melissa Miller, Senior Director Product Management and Strategy