What Is Count Me In?

Count Me In is a nonprofit research initiative that enables patients to accelerate cancer research by sharing their samples, their clinical information, and their voices. With patient consent, all data collected by and generated through Count Me In are shared regularly with the research community (after being stripped of identifying information) through freely available scientific databases, so researchers anywhere can help rapidly accelerate the pace of discovery, expand our understanding of cancer, and develop new treatment strategies – breaking down silos that exist in cancer research.

What Is Count Me In?

How it Works

CancerLinQ and Count Me In will develop materials that CancerLinQ network practices can use to encourage participation in Count Me In within their patient population.  

  1. Sign up and provide consent for the Count Me In study 
  2. Tell Count Me In where you have been treated 
  3. Respond to surveys about you and your experience with cancer 
  4. Provide a saliva and/or blood sample 
  5. Stay Involved: Receive regular updates about the status of the research and any new discoveries that have been made 


Please contact either CancerLinQ or Count Me In with questions about this collaboration.

For Physicians: Physicians and Health Care Teams, please email countmein@cancerlinq.org

For Patients: Patients, please email info@joincountmein.org