Scientific Publications


Improving Cancer Data Interoperability: The Promise of the mCODE™️ (Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements) Initiative

JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics
Osterman et al.

Development of CancerLinQ®, a health information learning platform from multiple Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to support improved quality of…

JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics
Potter et al.

Next-Generation Sequencing and the Clinical Oncology Workflow: Data Challenges, Proposed Solutions, and a Call to Action

JCO Precision Oncology
Conway et al.

CancerLinQ: Cutting the Gordian Knot of Interoperability

JCO Oncology Practice

Using oncology real-world evidence for quality improvement and discovery: the case for ASCO's CancerLinQ

Future Medicine
Miller et al.

Patient Perspectives on the Ethical Implementation of a Rapid Learning System for Oncology Care

Journal of Oncology Practice
A rapid learning system (RLS) of health care harnesses data generated from routine patient care to create a virtuous cycle of data collection and…

Qualitative Study of Oncologists’ Views on the CancerLinQ Rapid Learning System

JCO Oncology Practice
Mayo et al.

Building a Rapid Learning Health Care System for Oncology: Why CancerLinQ Collects Identifiable Health Information to Achieve Its Vision

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Shah et al.

Building a Rapid Learning Health Care System for Oncology: The Regulatory Framework of CancerLinQ

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Schilsky et al.


The survival benefit of anti-HER2 treatment in the management of small (T1mic, T1a, T1b, T1c), node-negative HER2+ breast cancer

ASCO 2022 Annual Meeting
Johnson K

Development of a breast cancer-specific prognostic tool using CancerLinQ Discovery

2021 ASCO Quality Care Symposium
Ray et al.

Survival in the real world: A national analysis of patients treated for early stage breast cancer

2021 ASCO Quality Care Symposium
Franks et al.

Care at the end of life during the COVID-19 pandemic: A CancerLinQ Discovery® (CLQD) Analysis

2021 ASCO Quality Care Symposium
Rocque et al

Natural history and real-world treatment outcomes for NSCLCpPatients with EGFR exon 20 insertion mutation: An IASLC- ASCO CancerLinQ study

2021 World Conference on Lung Cancer
Behera et al

The Friends of Cancer Research Real World Data (RWD) Pilot 2.0 collaboration: Implementation of standardized methodological approaches for evaluation…

ICPE 2021 (International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology)
Rivera et al.

Real-world treatment patterns among patients diagnosed with metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer (mCSPC) in community oncology settings

2021 ASCO Annual Meeting
George et al

Assessment of differences in demographic characteristics and clinical diagnoses among black and white oncology patients with COVID

2021 ASCO Annual Meeting
Bhandari et al

Overall survival throughout treatment course among patients diagnosed with small cell lung cancer

2021 ASCO Annual Meeting
Estrin et al