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SmartLinQ™ offers an app store-like experience to the CancerLinQ network of practices for access to technology solutions and services built by innovators across the oncology and healthcare ecosystem. Combined with solutions built in-house by CancerLinQ, your application can be featured in a library of tools for our network of over 100 oncology practices, providing you instant access to a growing market of oncologists and care teams. 

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Speed to Market
Market your solution to thousands of oncologists and hundreds of oncology care teams at once, backed by the support of ASCO and CancerLinQ’s marketing channels.
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Access To Real-World Data
Improve your application capabilities with access to the real-world oncology data of over 6 million patients collected by CancerLinQ.
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A Community Of Learning
CancerLinQ has fostered deep relationships with our customer base to learn about their clinical and operational challenges. Together with our app-store partners and collaborators, we implement solutions that meet customers where they are, addressing their most pressing needs.
solutions for the entire team

Solutions for the Entire Oncology Team


SmartLinQ™ is a one-stop shop for solutions for oncologists, care teams, and administrators. List your product to reach new customers across oncology care. CancerLinQ is looking for innovators building solutions in the following areas to join our network: 

  • Molecular/Genomics Diagnostics
  • AI and ML Driven Diagnostics
  • Quality and Value Based Care Programs
  • Decision support and virtual tumor boards
  • Telehealth and patient triage
  • Prior Authorization and billing
  • Analytics and business intelligence
  • Patient support and educational tools
  • Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs)

Join the SmartLinQ Community


CancerLinQ is already partnered with innovators to provide solutions in SmartLinQ. By joining this community, you will be connected with the expertise and technology of CancerLinQ and its partners.

Current SmartLinQ Partners

Join a growing community of oncology innovators.

Atropos Health Logo

Atropos Health


Clinical decision support solution powered by CancerLinQ’s de-identified real-world dataset.

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Count Me In


Accelerating patient driven oncology research by promoting participation in Count Me In across the CancerLinQ network.

SmartLinQ Partner Benefits

Greater Customer Reach
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Your solution will be exposed to more than 100 oncology practices, representing over 2,000 oncologists in the CancerLinQ network. This network represents more than 6 million patients across the country.
Go-to-Market Support
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When you join SmartLinQ, CancerLinQ will support the marketing and promotion of your application across our network.
A Community of Learning
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SmartLinQ will connect you into a community of oncologists, care teams and innovators, helping you to design, test, and build better solutions.

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