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May 28, 2024

CancerLinQ Enables Oncology’s Largest Learning Network and Precision Oncology Solutions with Clinical Informatics Innovations

At the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting, CancerLinQ is announcing three new initiatives, each as new features under the SmartLinQapplication already widely deployed across oncology care settings...
December 11, 2023

ConcertAI to Acquire CancerLinQ to Build the Leading Healthcare Learning and Research Network in Oncology

ConcertAI will invest in CancerLinQ to provide its members with upgraded quality reporting, industry-leading real-world data, and AI-powered…

February 9, 2023

Vanderbilt-Ingram joins CancerLinQ quality initiative

VUMC Reporter

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center is now participating in CancerLinQ, a technology initiative focused on improving patient care that tracks quality…

January 19, 2023

Addressing the Promise and Challenges of Big Data

Cancer Research Catalyst

Imagine a world where many of the decisions we make today are smarter. A world where your next pivotal experiment, your clinical trial design or…

October 17, 2022

CancerLinQ Technology in the Oncology Community

Journal of Clinical Pathways

Data collection presents its share of challenges. But there are opportunities to improve cancer data interoperability that will ultimately prove…

July 7, 2022

CancerLinQ and Owkin Collaborate to use Federated Learning on Real-World Oncology Data in a Study to Understand Lung Cancer Treatment

CancerLinQ and Owkin announced today a new research collaboration to use artificial intelligence to analyze real-world oncology data with the aim to…

June 8, 2022

CancerLinQ and HealthVerity Collaborate to Accelerate Cancer Research by Linking Real-World Datasets

CancerLinQ and HealthVerity, Inc., today announced a collaboration that will create the nation’s premier real-world oncology data ecosystem to…

May 3, 2022

CancerLinQ and Atropos Health Collaborate to Harness Real-World Data to Provide Point-of-Care Informatics Consult to Oncologists

CancerLinQ® and Atropos Health announced today a new collaboration that will provide oncology clinicians with the latest real-world evidence…

April 5, 2022

CancerLinQ and Count Me In Collaborate to Empower Patient Participation in Clinical Cancer Research

CancerLinQ and Count Me In announced today a new collaboration that aims to allow cancer researchers to learn from every patient with cancer, by…